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You Should Know Docker

Tired of installing a development environment?

✈️💪🤘Want to keep the same environment work for all? 🚀🙏👏

Start docker now. Docker turns a single development environment into a computer instance: a docker container! With this, you can develop multiple different apps without dependency conflicts!

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It Works on My Machine!
Dependency conflicts for software deployment is a nightmare. Docker solves this problem.
Share Your Dev. Environment
Share your environment with your team to be on the same page.
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Topics Covered


Docker Basics

  • 👉Introduction to Docker
  • 👉Docker image
  • 👉Docker container

Docker Advanced

  • 👉Docker volume
  • 👉Docker network
  • 👉Docker bind mount
  • 👉Docker compose
  • 👉Docker image build

Docker Use Cases

  • 👉Arduino IDE in Docker
  • 👉ROS in Docker
  • 👉PX4 in Docker
  • 👉Pocketbase (Headless CMS) in Docker

Embracing The Standards

🚀 You will need this course if you are:

Beginners in Technology
Docker is a must-have skill for beginners in technology. It is a stepping stone to the world of containerization.
Software Developers and DevOps Engineers
Why development and deployment are so different? Docker makes it the same. Develop and deploy your application in the same environment.
Cloud Application Developers
Deploy your application to cloud as same as your local machine. Docker makes it possible.
Educators and Trainers
Need your students and clients to be on the same page? Docker is the answer. Share your environment with your team to be on the same page.
The adoption of Docker technology for containerization is revolutionizing the way software is developed, shipped, and run, making it a cornerstone in modern DevOps practices. Its ability to encapsulate software into containers ensures consistent operation across different environments, facilitating efficient, scalable deployments

Course Materials

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#1:Installing Docker - Ubuntu
#2:Installing Docker - Windows
#3:Installing Docker - Mac
#1:Docker Image
#2:Docker Container
#3:Docker Container Tips
#4:Docker Bind Mount
#5:Docker Volume
#6:Docker Network
#1:First Docker Compose
#2:Docker build
#1:Arduino in Docker
#2:ROS2 & PX4 Autopilot
#4:Directus CMS backend

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